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In a world where the built environment often falls short of its original purpose to serve humans, HUMAN SPACES explores methods and practical solutions for how to design, plan and build better spaces for all of us.

HUMAN SPACES is the brain child of Christian Vatter and Alex UzunogluIn this short intro, they explain why they created the platform and give an overview of its meaning and goals.


Hospitality Spaces

Anna Sundukova sheds light on what makes us feel welcome in a space and applies a human centered approach to designing entire hospitality ecosystems.

Health Spaces

Christoph Thethard (siebenkommadrei, Jena) guides us through the process of designing human-centered spaces for hospitals from scratch.

Work Spaces

Alex Uzunoglu (Brandlab, Berlin) and Christian Vatter (Rlevance, Berlin) share their insights and examples for creating work spaces that work.

Public Spaces

Tony O’Brien (The People for Places and Spaces, Sydney) presents key aspects for creating more human-centered public spaces.

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human spaces Think + drinK N° 4 


Anna Sundukova, experience designer, product strategist, and design thinker speaks about changing hospitality needs affecting hotels, co-working or co-living spaces. These spaces need to integrate ‘soft factors’ and be tailored to changing needs and lifestyles.

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