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In a world where cities are planned from a bird’s eye view and buildings are subject to maximum efficiency, environments fall short of their original purpose: to serve humans. Human Spaces are environments created for the benefit of people: Whether used for work, study, living or recreation, a space can purposefully support or inhibit behaviors and either enhance or diminish experiences.

Creating more human-centered places and spaces was the common motivation Alex Uzunoglu and Christian Vatter discovered when they met at a conference in 2018. Both share the passion for a topic that receives little to no attention: human-centered architecture.

They are driven to create spaces that not only work, but that are also a delight to use, beautiful and meaningful. HUMAN SPACES aims to sharpen the human perspective in the built environment and to help to conceive, plan and build spaces with function, meaning and soul.

Building on their common vision, Alex and Christian created a platform to spark innovation, create new insights and kindle the flame. It is meant for everyone who is curious about the topic, and offers a stage to those who already put human-centric thinking in the built environment into action.


Alex is a cross-disciplinary thinker with a deep understanding of strategy development and implementation. Creating strategies that are rooted in peoples’ needs and identities and their translation into design is her core interest. Her work took her around the globe and across disciplines, developing strategic concepts for graphic design, motion design, UX design, industrial design, interior design and architecture. Alexandra is the Strategic Director of Brandlab.


Christian is a strategist and innovator helping organizations to establish respectful, long-lived relationships with people. He integrates human-centered design, brand thinking and marketing creativity to create brand identities, customer experiences, service concepts, and work environments that bring the human back into the center of attention. Christian studied psychology with a focus on user/consumer behavior, as well as environmental design/architectural psychology, and founded Rlevance, a human-centered business consultancy.

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