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This time, the founders of HUMAN SPACES, Alex and Christian, pour their insights, methods, and thoughts into a talk about how we can create better work spaces. How can we create offices that help reach business goals? What other factors beyond physical space need to be designed in order to affect human and corporate behavior? What are the different processes and methods that have been used to design work spaces? Is there an ideal process? Many questions, manyfold answers from Alex and Christian – sprinkled with practical tips, tools and case studies.


Alex is a cross-disciplinary thinker with a deep understanding of strategy development and implementation. Creating strategies that are rooted in peoples’ needs and identities and their translation into design is her core interest. Her work took her around the globe and across disciplines, developing strategic concepts for graphic design, motion design, UX design, industrial design, interior design and architecture. Alexandra is the Strategic Director of Brandlab.


Christian is a strategist and helping organizations to establish respectful, long-lived relationships with people. He integrates human-centered design, brand thinking and marketing creativity to create brand identities, customer experiences, service concepts, and work environments that bring the human back into the center of attention. Christian studied psychology with a focus on user/consumer behavior, as well as environmental design/architectural psychology, and founded Rlevance, a human-centered business consultancy.

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