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Hospitality Spaces

Great hospitality experiences stay in our memory. Yet, the majority of experiences we have on a daily basis – at the gym, on the subway, or in a hotel – are sub-par. In her talk, Anna outlines a strategic and empathic approach to designing not only better, but also entirely new hospitality ecosystems. From decoding peoples’ true needs to integrating “soft factors” in the process, she exemplifies how to think beyond the mere floorplan. At the end of her talk, Anna shares three overarching trends that drive the hospitality industry today.



Anna Sundukova is a freelance experience designer, product strategist, design thinking consultant and facilitator, who works on creating entire experience ecosystems centered around human needs, wishes and desires, navigating between the aesthetics of a space, frameworks for community building or UX flows of an app. Always having been passionate about space-related products, she worked for a number of new generation hospitality concepts. She is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and Hyper Island, having studied Architecture and Digital Experience Design respectively.

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